09 April 2007

Type of hunter

Official Hunters, ones who have passed the Hunter exam, usually choose to align their careers as Hunters along specialized paths. The following list comprises the different types of Hunters that have appeared in the manga. These titles seem to be unofficial, as Hunters only identify themselves to these titles by word, and no part of the Hunter exam was used to specifically determine a candidate's field.

  • Blacklist Hunters - Hunters in this field dedicate their skills to tracking down the most dangerous and wanted criminals. Aspiring Blacklist Hunters often have intentions of justice or revenge.
  • Treasure Hunters- Self explanatory, Hunters in this field scour the world in search of rare and valuable items. Hunters who take this path tend to be the most adventurous, or the most greedy.
  • Culinary/Epicure Hunters - The goal of a Culinary Hunter is to find and collect rare ingredients, then bring their flavours to life by using new and creative styles of cooking. The second test of the Hunter exam, illustrated the creed of the Epicure Hunter. Though never stated explicitly, most Epicure Hunters probably use specialized Nen abilities in their field.
  • Archaeological Hunters - Many Hunters show a love of ancient cultures. Archeological Hunters are dedicated to uncovering ruins and reviving ancient societies. Ging Freecss, Gon's father, is the most famous Archaeological Hunter. Satotsu, the examiner of the first test, revealed to Gon that Ging made unparalleled contributions to this area of study.
  • Wildlife Hunters- Hunters who feel a deep love for nature whose job as a Wildlife Hunter involves the study and preservation of undiscovered animal species.
  • Music Hunters - Definitely catered to the musically talented, they are the ones who have chosen the pursuit of rare musical pieces. Senritsu (Melody) is a Hunter of this category.
  • Contract Hunters - Basically, they find rich people and make deals/contracts with them. Not much is known because they are only briefly mentioned by Leorio.

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