09 April 2007

kurapika nen abilities

Kurapika is both a materialization and specialization type, one that can fashion objects that act according to his imagination. The weapon that he conjures using his materialization abilities is a unique one--extending from his fingers of his right hand are five chains, which were specially created to deal vengeance upon the Genei Ryodan. When Kurapika's eyes turn scarlet, his nen type shifts from materialization to specialization. His nen ability as a specialist, Emperor Time, allows him to utilize all the types of nen to 100% efficiency, making him virtually invincible during this span of time.

To increase his effectiveness against the formidable Genei Ryodan, Kurapika places strict restrictions on the usage of his nen blades:

Use of each chain:

  • Thumb - Holy Chain (ホーリーチェ-ン
Shaped like a cross, it cures wounds by drawing from the reinforcement ability. When Kurapika is in his specialization state, its ability is enhanced and can heal serious injuries within seconds.
  • Middle finger - Chain Jail (チェーンジェイル
Wraps around enemies, restricting movement. Also forcefully causes captured person to enter zetsu. This chain is restricted in that it can only be used to deal with members of the Genei Ryodan, and if the restriction is violated, Kurapika will die.
  • Ring finger - Dowsing Chain (ダウジングチェーン
Kurapika uses this frequently under normal situations, for defense and attack purposes. It is also useful for other investigative activities, like determining the location of missing individuals.
  • Little finger - Judgement Chain (ジャッジメントチェーン
A small nen blade enters the victim's body and stabs the heart. Kurapika sets a condition and if the victim breaches it, he would lose his life. Only can be of use when Kurapika is in the Specialization state.

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