09 April 2007

Hunter license

A Hunter licence is in the form of a normal card. It is slightly thicker and has inbuilt computer chips. The front shows your Hunter rank, and the back has a magnetic strip with a unique serial number that identifies each individual to their licence. It works similar to a credit card, with card machines that can swipe and read the license. The licence also comes with a range of extra benefits. Although these benefits can only be used by the true owner of a license, the Hunter Licence is still a valuable collector's item, and can be sold for great deals of money (enough money to support himself for at least 7 generations in luxury!)

With regards to the numerous benefits, first and foremost is the unparalleled fame and recognition a licence holder can enjoy, being one of the few in the world who owns a licence. Next comes the material benefits, which include:

  • 1. Having a 95% discount on all public services (i.e. hotel lodging, food, transport, etc.). Furthermore, all such services are provided at first class.
  • 2. Unrivaled freedom to travel around the world. They are granted access to about 90% of countries that are normally restricted to outsiders, and access to 70% of areas that are normally deemed 'forbidden'.
  • 3. No legal responsibility for killing people (this basically means Hunters can get away with murder!)

Upon passing the Hunter Exam, candidates will receive a standard Hunter License. However, Hunters can be awarded with stars for significant contributions to society.

  • 1 Star - given to hunters who have made a significant contribution to a part of society.
  • 2 Star - given to hunters who have made significant contributions to several fields.
  • 3 Star - given to hunters who have made extraordinary contributions to society over several fields. This is the rarest and most difficult rank to obtain, and is considered a great honour. The number of 3-Star hunters is about 10.

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